Process and products

In order to obtain such a fragrant and tasty product the Comino brothers let the dough undergo several rising periods which makes the dough soft and easy to work exclusively by hand, in keeping with the original recipe.

The ingredients include flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and yeast, all of the highest quality in order to get a tasty and savoury product, completely natural and with no preservatives or animal fats.

In addition to the classic Lingue with extra virgin olive oil, the brothers Comino have added a variety of flavours including rosemary, onion, salt & pepper, sesame, chilli pepper and olives while leaving unchanged the oil flavoured base which is the lingue's best characteristic.

All these varieties are available in three different formats:

  • 300 g which are approximately 20 inches long formats
  • 200 g which are approximately 14 inches long
  • 120 g which are approximately 8 inches long

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